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Crafts Council Exhibition: A Curious Turn

A Curious Turn: moving, mechanical sculpture is a Crafts Council touring exhibition which explores the resurgence of automata making in the UK in the last 30 years. The 30 pieces of automata featured in the exhibition combine intricate craftsmanship and engineering to tell stories that range from the humorous to the macabre and from the playful to the satirical. Bringing together pieces from the collections of the Crafts Council, Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, Falmouth Art Gallery amongst others, the exhibition looks at the influences on their makers and explores their work, uncovering exciting future possibilities for automata. Below are objects from the Crafts Council Collection which can be seen in this exhibition.
Sheep Shearing Man
1992  (W94)
Five Artists Reflect On Their Waning Powers
1983  (W49)
1982  (W93)
Framed Head
1987  (W79)
Eggs And Beans
1987  (W78)
Sand Toy
1981  (W46)
A Tigress In Lieu Of Stamps
1972  (W2)
A second groom being rowed across the lake by his third bride
1972-73  (W1)
The Crafts Counsellor
1996  (2016.5)
Working Drawing, 'Five Artists Reflect On Their Waning Powers'
1983  (AM445)
Five Artists Reflect on their Waning Power Illustrated Parts List
1983  (AM442)
The Punter's Dream
The story so far: A man punting alone is joined by a woman from a dream
1972-73  (W1)