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Crafts Council Exhibition: Maker's Eye

What does craft mean to you? The Crafts Council asked 13 brilliant craft makers this question. Each one picked works from Crafts Council Collections to create a ‘visual answer’. The result is Maker's Eye, an exhibition which features over 150 objects – making it the largest ever showcase of objects from the extensive Crafts Council Collections and archives.
Sheep Shearing Man
1992  (W94)
Poster, A Closer Look: Rugs
1983  (AM422)
Carved Articulating Snake
1979  (W34)
Pair of earrings
12/1975 - 03/1976  (J64)
22 In 1 Armpiece
1984  (J235)
Big Green Jug
1979  (P235)
'Anne' Table Leg Sample
2007  (HC1070)
Break Out Piece
2007  (HC1071)
Working Drawing, 'Five Artists Reflect On Their Waning Powers'
1983  (AM444)
Pentagram , Crafts Council, Angus Hyland, Jun Maejima
Poster, No Picnic
1998  (AM474)
1984  (HC161)
(no date)  (HC2)
Crafts Council, Paul McAlinden, Peter Campbell, David Cripps, Otto Kunzli
Poster, British Jewellery 1960-1985 & German Jewellery
1989  (AM466)
Pentagram , Crafts Council, John Rushworth, Kelvin Murray
Poster, Objects of Our Time
1996  (AM473)
Crafts Council, Philip Miles, Ian Dobbie
Poster, Colouring Metals
1982  (AM419)
Poster, Fielding Talk 2016 with David Poston
2016  (AM487)
Blue Flower Bowl
1985  (P374)
2004  (P486)
1997  (P451)
Coffee pot
1991  (P394)
Pumpkin Pot
1986  (P378)
Large bowl with curved horn
1983  (P321)
Megatron - Whatnot - Etagère
1985  (W64)
Section of Rainbow
1974  (T1)
1 - 11 Floor Pad
1974  (T6)
Fat Rim Dish with Horns
1991  (P398)
Fruit Bowl
1982  (P313)