Transition 39 (G96)

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Naoko Sato


Transition 39

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Abstract oval-shaped clear glass vessel with horizontal ridges.

Materials and techniques

Two technical stages: first, a thick glass cylinder with horizontal pattern inside and vertical pattern outside is cast. After grinding the base off by a flat bed grinder, the artist spends several days polishing the surface, first by a lathe, second by hand using a diamond pad. All plaster must be removed by a sand blaster before the second slumping stage. The glass is then hung in the kiln and a fired clay shape placed on the bottom of the kiln. The kiln is switched on and when the piece is folding on to the shape, the artist crash cools the kiln to stop further sagging. The kiln is reprogrammed to ensure safe cooling down. A flat bed grinder is used to make the base stable.


length:  51cm
height:  27cm
depth:  24.5cm

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Maker's statement

After making pieces with either horizontal or vertical patterns, this piece with both patterns marks a new phase for me. It brought difficulty and challenge, but I am very happy with the effects.