Willow (M82)

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Lin Cheung



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Blue and white ceramic cup with an oxidised silver saucer in the shape of the shadow of the cup. The cup depicts a blue willow pattern.

Materials and techniques

Found vintage cup, hand formed oxidised sterling silver sheet, hand finished surface patina.


length:  18cm
width:  11cm
height:  8cm

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Lin Cheung - Jewellery & Objects (2005)
  • Willow, Lin Cheung, 2009, Crafts Council Collection: M82. Photo: John Hammond.

  • Royal Albert, Royal Doulton, Willow, Lin Cheung, 2008, Crafts Council Collection: M80, M81, M82. Photo: John Hammond

Maker's statement

A distinctive shift of emphasis from jewellery to objects. Ideas and approach to thinking about objects already existed but began to expose these more deliberately, making sets of things and taking part in silver and object only exhibitions. I often collect things just because I like them or have sentimental value regardless of use, useless or incompleteness. I owned one or two cups that had lost their saucers but continued using them with other saucers. It just didn't feel right. All the pieces for the 'After eight' series follow the same idea: that a cup without is original saucer always has a natural companion in its own shadow. The silver shadows are cast at an imaginary 8pm and unique to each cup. I have since gone on to make silver shadows for other people's cherished or favourite, lonely cups.