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Highlights from the Handling Collection

Started in 1979, the Crafts Council Handling Collection is a wonderful learning resource of over 700 objects. Some of the examples below from this collection were used in our successful 2015 First Decade learning programme which you can read more about in our First Decade blog.
Square Dish with Stripes
2010  (HC1088)
2015  (HC1067)
(no date)  (HC52)
Perspex Multiple
1976  (HC398)
Perspex Multiple
1976  (HC399)
Flexible Armpiece
1978 - 1979  (HC734)
Perspex Multiple
1976  (HC397)
Rayon packing strap woven sample
c. 1985  (HC437)
Unglazed object
(no date)  (HC96)
Interlocked Wool Square
1976  (HC1022)
Forged Titanium Bangle Bracelet
2009  (HC1083)
Pebble Wrapped with 1mm Stainless Steel Wire
2014  (HC1084)
'Anne' Table Leg Sample
2007  (HC1070)
Mug and Stand
1994  (HC293)
Wooden Bowl
1986  (HC387)
(no date)  (HC2)
Porcelain Sandwich
2014  (HC1055)
T-bridle Joint
(no date)  (HC570)
Punch stamp decoration
(no date)  (HC587)
Router cut for inserting
(no date)  (HC583)
Wiggly Wood
(no date)  (HC393)